CT Cubed Inc.

About CT Cubed Inc.

CT Cubed Inc. (CT Cubed) is a disabled veteran, minority owned cyber security services and consulting company providing industry leading tactics, training and technology solutions. We have experience developing tactics that have been proven effective against advanced persistent threat (APT) actors on some of the largest and most heavily attacked networks in the world. Several of our employees are graduates and previous instructors of the US Air Force Weapons School’s Cyber Warfare Operations course. CT Cubed applied DoD experience to the commercial sector and are bringing those lessons learned back to the DoD. In addition to traditional IT cybersecurity, we bring several decades of operational technology and aerospace cybersecurity knowledge from our USAF experiences and working with industry partners.


Tactics Development: CT Cubed has years of experience working in multi-domain environments. CT Cubed personnel planned and executed major events like SPACE and RED FLAG where CT Cubed applied tactics to defend and secure critical assets. In addition, CT Cubed personnel have extensive real-world experience executing defensive cyber operations in complex DoD and commercial environments by breaking large problems into tactical solutions. 


Course Development: CT Cubed has years of experience developing courses that are specifically designed for operational environments. We have remote and on-site learning options and can provide customized, immediately-relevant training in a closed range environment or on production systems according to your desired learning objectives. 

Training Programs: Cyber security personnel must constantly improve and refine their skill sets to stay ahead of threat actors. We provide initial training programs to quickly get new personnel up to speed. We also have advanced training & training continuation programs to give security staff an advantage. 

Red Teaming: Organizations should validate the effectiveness of their security processes and technologies against a determined adversary. CT Cubed uses a customized and methodical approach to assess your organization’s personnel and systems. 


Network Design and Implementation: Through tactics and training solutions, most technology limitations can be overcome. When new hardware or software is required, we will partner with proven enterprise network engineers to recommend cost-effective and innovative solutions. 

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