CT Cubed Inc.

About CT Cubed Inc.

CT Cubed Inc. is a dynamic and expanding cybersecurity services and consulting company offering cutting-edge tactics, training, and technology solutions. With years of experience in the field, we specialize in designing and implementing secure systems for aerospace, critical infrastructure, and high-risk environments. Our team boasts several employees who are graduates and former instructors of the US Air Force Weapons School’s Cyber Warfare Operations course, providing our clients with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our team of experts provides tailored solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their systems are protected against the latest cyber threats.

Tactics Development: CT Cubed has a wealth of experience in developing tactics, garnered from years of working in multi-domain environments. Our team successfully planned and executed a range of realistic threat-based training exercises, engaging domestic and international partners. This experience enabled us to apply effective tactics to proficiently defend and secure critical assets. Furthermore, our personnel hold substantive real-world experience in developing and implementing defensive cyber operations strategies within complex DoD and commercial environments. We offer tactical planning and expert guidance services, with the goal of improving security for organizations and advancing best practices for routine operations.

Course Development: At CT Cubed, we possess extensive expertise in developing courses that are tailored to meet the unique demands of operational environments. Our team has honed this skill over many years of experience, enabling us to deliver training programs that are both highly effective and targeted to specific learning objectives.
Training Programs: We offer training programs catering to the needs of those seeking to enhance and refine their skill sets to stay ahead of ever-evolving threat actors. Our programs include initial training for new personnel to rapidly bring them up to speed, as well as advanced and continuation training programs that provide security staff with a competitive edge. Our comprehensive training approach enables security personnel to remain current and well-equipped to effectively safeguard their organizations’ critical assets.

Engineering & Architecture: Our team at CT Cubed designed, constructed, and operated a highly scalable, near real-time, interactive environment that enables live, virtual, and constructive training on a global scale. This state-of-the-art architecture and engineering solution is geared toward facilitating immersive training experiences that are both dynamic and effective.
Platform: We offer a customizable training platform, emulating an unmanned, remotely piloted vehicle that serves as a system-of-systems for cybersecurity-related training, testing, and evaluation. This advanced platform provides a highly realistic and complex learning environment specifically geared towards enhancing the cybersecurity skills of personnel across all levels of an organization, from junior level engineers to senior managers.

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