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MOUSE MKIII is the latest unclassified, strictly academic, virtual, online learning platform used to support training that blends platform security, system engineering, and cybersecurity. The MOUSE MKIII is a system-of-systems that includes communications, navigation, identification (CNI), system storage, sensors, vehicle management, and mission computer subsystems.

IRON RODENT – sUAS Demonstrator

The Iron Rodent is a dedicated test bench designed to evaluate the security measures of MOUSE subsystems. This first version of the Iron Rodent serves as an sUAS cybersecurity demonstrator tailored for the MOUSE platform. It exhibits practical applications of specific cybersecurity technologies and evaluates the cybersecurity measures of the MOUSE’s essential components, including motors, sensors, and command and telemetry data; showcasing their resilience against potential threats and ensuring the integrity and security of critical operations.

Read more about the Iron Rodent in our two-part article: The Iron Bird and Iron Rodent and The Iron Rodent @DEF CON

ITSPmagazine Podcast – RSA Conference 2023

CT Cubed team members explain the evolution of the MOUSE and how it became such an effective modeling and training platform.

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